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As a resident of the Richmond City Justice Center, I only had one pair of underwear and no money on my books to buy more. Having a bra and another pair of underwear made me feel more human and brought me some dignity.

Thank you Mardi Bras!

The things you take for granted…

– Quality pads and/or tampons

– Owning a new pair of panties (This is a huge luxury while incarcerated! You can be at a constant disadvantage since clothes must be washed by and hung to dry)

– Sports bra or any bra are VERY expensive from canteen and are VERY LOW quality. These typically don’t last the duration of your sentence

These simple luxuries were stripped from me upon my entry into ‘the system’, but my dignity and self esteem were restored through the love of Mardi Bras.

Thank You!

Our 2017 Mardi Bras party was a huge success! With an open-house format, folks had the option of coming and going at their leisure… but in the end, most came and stayed throughout the entire event! What a great time of connection, sharing a glass of wine and some fun New Orleans style munchies… and all for an awesome cause!