Connecting people around a common cause… and connecting you to organizations who serve women who are homeless, incarcerated and on a low/restricted income.


Communicating to and educating the general public on the plight of women in need.


Obviously, we want to collect bras, new underwear, pads, tampons and pantyliners. Then, we get them to the organizations that are direct service providers to these women in need.

Mardi Bras VA – 2023

Covid brought us additional ways of thinking!!! Please… have a party! But, if you don’t feel comfortable hosting a party, here are other ideas…

  • Mardi Bras Drive Thru Party – Schedule drive thru drop offs, where friends can drop off donations without leaving their car
  • Collection Site – Ask a local coffee shop, hair salon, church or other location to agree to be a drop off collection site.
  • Front Porch Drop Off or Pick Up – Ask your friends, small groups, neighbors, school mates, coworkers, etc. to drop of donations on your front porch… or if you are willing, do a front porch pick up to help out a single parent who is at home with children.
  • Give Financially and allow us to shop for you! Check out our giving page here>> DONATE HERE.
  • Shop Online by using our Amazon Wishlist.

Mardi Bras VA (c) is an initiative of Into The Neighborhood. When committing to a party, collection site or promoting Mardi Bras, please credit us and tag Into The Neighborhood (@intotheneighborhood) and Mardi Bras VA (@mardibrasva) on all socials, emails, and other communications. Thanks!

Please provide details below if you are planning collection site. Location, Dates/Times, etc.

Register your party, collection, drives and front porch pick-ups and drop-offs HERE.

About Us

How many pair of underwear do you have in your drawer right now? How many bras? When ‘that time of the month’ comes, do you wonder where you will obtain your supplies of pads or tampons? Sorry – if you are a guy and reading this, I dare you to ask your wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend, or mother these questions. A few years ago, I talked with a few women who used to be homeless and spent a lot of time on the street. They wondered about this every day… and every month. Supplies are NOT readily available for women who are homeless or on a low or restricted income. No – food stamps and other resources do NOT cover feminine protection.

This is a problem that can be easily solved; and we decided to do something about it.  So, here’s the deal. We are going to collect pads, tampons, new bras, new underwear and incontinence pads for women who are homeless or on low/restricted income! Keep reading! MARDI GRAS, where women bare their breasts for beads in New Orleans, is right around the corner. Instead of revealing our breasts, we are going to work at covering some! Join us for MARDI BRAS VA this year!!!

Mardi Bras VA is an initiative of Into The Neighborhood. , a 501c3 not-for-profit.  It also consists of 100% volunteers!!!  So, all donations go directly to the work of Into The Neighborhood.

Upcoming Mardi Bras Parties

Upcoming Mardi Bras Parties

If you would like to register your Mardi Bras Party, you can do so here

The calendar here shows all successfully registered parties that are taking place.


About Donations

Mardi Bras VA is a ministry of Into The Neighborhood. Into The Neighborhood relies on your gift in order to support, serve and minister through Mardi Bras VA, in Southern Barton Heights, in the Richmond City Justice Center, and beyond. When you give, dedicate your gift to Mardi Bras RVA by writing in the comments of your online gift or in the memo of your check.

Your financial gift is just one way to love. We also encourage you to give of your time and talents. Your investment of relationship, talents and abilities will mean just as much!

One way to give is online via PayPal. Just click this donation button.

(Please Note:  Into The Neighborhood, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.)

Another way to give is through the mail… Please print and complete the  below Giving Card.  

Please mail it and the check (made to: Into The Neighborhood) to: PO Box 25898 Richmond, VA 23260

God calls us to love Him and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Please know that your prayers and investments of $25, $100, $500, $1000 or more will make all the difference in the world to our neighbors, to our community, to our city and to the Kingdom of God.

Organizations we support

Here is a list of some organizations we have supported in the past – this list changes yearly so check back!

  • Housing Families First – Hilliard House and Building Neighbors
  • Family And Community Engagement (FACE) Department of Richmond Public Schools
  • Daily Planet
  • Hanover Safe Place
  • Moments of Hope Outreach
  • Alpha and Omega Church
  • Yeshua’s House
  • Life Transformation Church, a missional micro-expression of the church network in RVA
  • Goochland Cares
  • Pregnancy Resource Center of Richmond
  • St Joseph’s Villa
  • Home Again
  • Richmond City Drug Court
  • Chesterfield County Jail – HARP “Helping Addicts Recover Permanently” Program
  • Sacred Heart Center
  • Caring Clothes Closet
  • Grace and Peace Community Ministries
  • Camp Hope
  • McShin Foundation
  • The WAR Foundation
  • True Recovery RVA
  • Supreme Recovery
  • Patty’s Hope
  • ACES
  • The Daily Planet
  • Commonwealth Catholic Charities
  • Eco Flats
  • and growing!!!


If you know of a place that could use these items, give them a call and let us know what they need, so that we can collect and distribute them. Send the following information here. Mardi Bras RVA Org Info.

  • Organization Name
  • Contact Name, Number, Email
  • Women they support and how they support them.
  • Supplies Needed
  • Are you willing to attend one of the gatherings to share about the plight of women who are homeless in the Metro RVA area?