Purchasing Tips

We are collecting:

  • Menstrual Pads (Heavy flow, light days, etc. are all appreciated.)
  • Tampons (All sizes are appreciated.) WE NEED LESS OF THESE ITEMS.
  • NEW Bras – of ALL sizes! Please remember larger sizes, too.
  • NEW Women’s underwear – of ALL sizes! Please remember larger sizes, too.
  • WHITE WIRELESS BRAS (like sports bras – all sizes!!! ) and WHITE UNDERWEAR for the Richmond City Justice Center – (sample of a good deal… click here for wireless bra)

Other tips:

  • Remember larger sized women for bras and undies! We need more of them than the smaller sizes!!!
  • Without going into a lot of details, menstrual cups are not that successful for homeless women in the RVA area (because there are not many sanitary places for them to be used and it becomes dangerous/unclean.) Although many of the prostitutes can still use them because they can still conduct business. We just won’t need a lot of them.
  • Check back often! We will update as we learn more! More to come!