Organizations We Support

Here’s a list of organizations we support each year.  Check back often because we will update the list!

  • Housing Families First – Hilliard House and Building Neighbors
  • Family And Community Engagement (FACE) Department of Richmond Public Schools
  • Daily Planet
  • Hanover Safe Place
  • Moments of Hope Outreach
  • Alpha and Omega Church
  • Yeshua’s House
  • Life Transformation Church, a missional micro-expression of the church network in RVA
  • Goochland Cares
  • Pregnancy Resource Center of Richmond
  • St Joseph’s Villa
  • Home Again
  • Richmond City Drug Court
  • Chesterfield County Jail – HARP “Helping Addicts Recover Permanently” Program
  • Sacred Heart Center
  • Caring Clothes Closet
  • Grace and Peace Community Ministries
  • Camp Hope
  • McShin Foundation
  • The WAR Foundation
  • True Recovery RVA
  • Supreme Recovery
  • Patty’s Hope
  • ACES
  • The Daily Planet
  • Commonwealth Catholic Charities
  • Eco Flats
  • and growing!!!


If you know of a place that could use these items, give them a call and let us know what they need, so that we can collect and distribute them. Send the following information here.. Mardi Bras RVA Org Info.

  • Organization Name
  • Contact Name, Number, Email
  • Women they support and how they support them.
  • Supplies Needed
  • Are you willing to attend one of the gatherings to share about the plight of women who are homeless in the Metro RVA area?